Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/12 - I FINALLY have my MEDS!

After going back and forth with Aetna Pharmacy and the fertility office for over a week... I FINALLY have my meds!  I was suppose to have them a week ago so Corey and I could get our "Injection Instruction" at my appointment last Wed. but Aetna had every excuse and issue in the book for not shipping them.  I'm suppose to START my injections tomorrow so yesterday right before I boarded my plane I called Aetna Pharmacy and basically told them I would not hang up the phone until I have shipping confirmation.  45 minutes later they took my payment and said it would be shipped OVERNIGHT!  Hooray! 

Aetna Coverage: $6,573.94
My Out of Pocket: $205.85
(This means we only have $926.06 of our rx benefit remaining if I need to do it again)

The IVF Coordinator told me NOT to be overwhelmed when I get my shipment because there will be A LOT!  Holy Cow!  She was RIGHT!  Tomorrow morning we'll take it all to the Dr. office to get our instructions on how to mix and inject the meds.


  1. Holy cow! You are one brave woman!

  2. O_O oh-muh-goodness... that picture is insane.