Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 - The S Word

Anyone who has ever had an infertility issue can tell you about the dreaded S word... Stress.  You read and hear about how much stress affects your fertility and you stress even more trying to manage your daily stress!  You're constantly told to "just relax and go on vacation and you'll get pregnant". 
Well... In September 2008 (after 2 years of trying) I got pregnant, for a minute.  I was working as the CFO of a drug and alcohol rehab.  I was working about 60 - 70 hours a week and it was a very stressful job.  I was preparing for a very important AR meeting... which was very stressful... and I started cramping and bleeding.  That's when I miscarried very early - at 7 weeks.
I didn't want to feel like I was puting my career before my health and fertility so a while later I decided to take a job with one of my BEST FRIENDS.  (Despite the rehab offering me a substantial raise to stick around and asking me to be the President of the company)  My friend is a wonderful dentist and she hired me as her Office Manager.  Her office is only open 3 1/2 days a week so I still work at the rehab 1 1/2 days a week.  The dental office is a little slice of heaven.  NO STRESS.  :)

The reason I'm TELLING you this is because I worked at the REHAB today (every Friday and 1/2 day Monday).  1st day on IVF that I was at that office and I was a little worried about my stress levels.  I just don't want anything to negatively effect this process.  So I decided on my way in today that I wouldn't let anything get me all worked up :)  It was a GREAT day.  No stress.  My girlfriends at the office took me to lunch at Firefly's for my birthday.

The injections tonight were in my thigh. I thought it would hurt a lot more but it actually wasn't that bad. I think because you can feel the pain of the pinch a lot more. (Corey has to pinch my skin up before he injects). There was a lot more blood in the thigh though. And by "a lot", I mean only a few drops. Early Dr appointment tomorrow morning (Saturday). So I'm off to bed. :)

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