Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 - Blood Work, Bloated, & FET Schedule

WOAH!  I'm sooo bloated today!  Two days ago I had my egg retrieval.  I felt pretty good my first day, but the second day I started having abdomen pain/discomfort in the evening and felt sort of bloated, but I thought "maybe it's because I haven't been able to work out"... um... TODAY I know that it DEFINITELY wasn't that.  I am HUGE.  It's uncomfortable how bloated I am.  I asked my friend that has done this before and she said it's normal.  I also have cramping/discomfort - NON STOP.  I hardly slept last night.  Hopefully it goes away soon.

Ever since the fertilization update I have felt very confused about what happens next.  I had sent an email to the IVF Coordinator and the Dr and neither answered my questions.

The IVF Coordinator called me on my way home from work today to review my blood work from this morning.  She said everything looks normal and we can schedule for the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) now.  We chose April 26th which is a Friday, so I'll have Fri, Sat, Sun for bed rest.  She is emailing me my appointment and meds schedule. 

This means I should get my results the week before a big family vacation in California.  So if it's positive, YAY we all celebrate!  If it's negative, YAY my family is there to support me and keep me distracted!  :)  OH AND my sister's 3 beautiful children will be there to give me kisses and make me smile :)  I love, love, LOVE them!

I also asked the IVF Coordinator about my bloating.  She said to only be concerned if I start vomiting or get shortness of breathe.  So far, so good. 

Did I ever mention that my childhood BFF happens to be doing the SAME IVF cycle as me with the SAME Dr?  We started our injections the same day and everything!  She's also doing an FET like me.  It has been SOO nice to be able to text each other to vent or get advice.  I'm so greatful that I have her to go through this with me.

I'll post my FET schedule as soon as I get the email.  :)


  1. That's so crazy that Stephanie is doing IVF at the same time as you! I saw her comment on your last post so I wandered to her blog and read it for a while. You girls are very brave and that is awesome you have each other!

  2. I am glad you got such great fertilization reports! Your doctor sounds very good at what he does. Some doctors allow the transfer to continue when there is OHSS risk. It will be nice having a few other people to go through this FET thing with. Mine is scheduled for April 17th.
    Take it easy my dear.

  3. Hey! I'm so excited for you guys and good luck with all of this! My sister wants me to tell you she has 2 boxes of gonal injections for IUI she's trying to sell super cheap...she said you are probably past that point but if you know anybody who needs them they could save a lot of money. Just email me and I can give you her contact info
    Oh I'm so excited for you guys though! You've been so patient through all of this!

    1. Oh Thanks Nicole! As of right now I have extra Gonal injections so I'm ok so far. I will let u know if I find someone that needs to buy it. :)