Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/12 - Ultrasound and Blood Work (continued)... TWINSIES?

The IVF Coordinator called me this afternoon and said my blood levels looked good and to continue on the same dosages of meds.

(Hold on for a sec, I gotta go get injected)... :)

(Wait, false alarm.  Corey's not home yet from Sportsman's Warehouse.  We're suppose to do injections right now.  I'll give him another 10 minutes, then I guess I'll inject myself.  : o  I guess I'll type more while I wait.)

We decided that Corey should work on Monday instead of taking me to the egg retrieval because it's a fairly new job and it's a busy week for him.  We didn't want him to ask for the time off.  We'll save that for the transfer day.

All my family lives in a different state.  I wanted my mom to come but she's working.  No Biggie.  So... I asked my BROTHER.  I called him and asked if he would take my drugged up self home from the dr's office and wait on me all day.  He said "YES!".  So he's coming to town this weekend and I'm really excited for him to help me.   

(This is me and my brother before a My Chemical Romance concert)

After work today I decided to take my "walk" at the mall :)  I picked up some CUTE new shoes and some fun new makeup.  :)  Then Corey met me there for dinner at Grimaldi's. 

At dinner we sort of decided (if the dr's ok with it) to transfer TWO embryo's instead of one.  We're ok with twins.  We had always assumed we'd end up with twinners if we did IVF, but very early on the dr was clear that he recommended only transferring one embryo because of our unexplained infertility... or fertility "health".  He was pretty confident that IVF would work for me even if I only transferred one.  He said it wasn't worth the risk and complications that come along with twin pregnancies and births.  Ultimately we'll follow his orders, but if he gives us the OK, we'll transfer two.  Oh, AND I've been having dreams that I have TWINS.  It's always a boy and a girl :)  Beautiful and healthy.

(ok, ok, so Corey forgot about injections.  I called him at about 9:10 and he was still at Sportsman's Warehouse (did I mention he's obsessed with guns?).  Anyway... thank goodness we don't live far from there.  I started preparing and mixing the meds and he ran in and did them.  I don't know why, but half way through, I had a little emotional "situation".  I started crying.  Not because of the pain (and tonight hurt more than any night so far - one injection site started bruising up right away), but just because I'm even here doing this.  Yeah, it's sad.  And it's hard.  But it will be worth it.  After injections Corey hugged me and offered to let me stab him with a needle if it would make me feel better.  :)  Just the offer made me feel better.)  :) 

I'm so grateful for having this opportunity and I'm happy to be a part of this process.  Good night.  :)  (yeah, lots of smiley faces tonight)  :)


  1. Glad to hear everything is right on track!!

  2. That sounds like Corey! I am sorry you have to be doing this too! A friend of mine said one of her clients did four embryos, hoping for twins...they are having four babies!!! Don't do that:) Twins would be amazing! That is very nice of Trent to come take care of his big sis! Good boy:)

  3. Hi Kim, I'm sorry you are having to go through all this. None of us wants to and it can be more than literally a pain in the ass.

    I did want to give you my small opinion on transferring two. I ended up with twins and lost them after complications and know that the risks are numerous. Because of what happened to me, I would have to agree with your doctor. I loved having twins and wish they were still here with me, but I feel very sad that my daughter probably died because of my son's placenta problems. I am not trying to talk you out of your decision, but think carefully about it. The number of women who end up with preterm labor due to multiples is pretty high. If I could go back (not that I would ever wish one of my twins away), I would have tried one first. If the first try didn't work, I would have then tried two.

    Whatever you choose, just make sure you are well informed and ready for whatever comes. I wish you both the best and pray this is your miracle.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice. I will definitely talk in depth with my Dr about it. I'm sure you understand the fear of only transferring one and not having it work. But I love that you help me to remember the risks involved and that they're very real. It's easy to put that out of your mind when you want a BFP so badly. Thanks again!

    2. Oh I know exactly why someone would want to transfer two! That's why I did it. That, and I wanted to have twins so that I could be done TTC forever. There are SO many reasons to want to do two.
      What I have learned, is that if your embryos are good quality and transferred as blastocysts (day 5), you aren't supposed to have any better chance of getting pregnant by transferring one over two. Especially if you are under 35. I didn't believe it when my MFM told me this. But both embies stuck.

      IVF is sort of diagnostic. Because I had never been pregnant, I didn't even know it was possible and therefore wanted the best possible shot at conceiving. Now that I know I can become pregnant, I am choosing to do a single embryo transfer this next round in order to end up with the healtiest possible pregnancy. The one frozen embie might not implant, but knowing what I know now, I am willing to take that risk.

      I think everyone has to learn on their own, what their body can do. If you have enough embryos to freeze and try again with, you may want to give your body a 'test run' with a single transfer. If it doesn't take, you'll have more to try with and can go on to transferring two.

      I know how it feels to want that pregnancy SO badly, that you opt for whatever seems to give you better odds. If you are on the young-ish side transferring one might be the same odds of conception. It's something to talk to your Dr. about.

      Whatever you choose, I really hope it works out for you. I really really do. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for all you advice Alissa! We're now back to a plan of ONE embie. I talked to the dr about it again the other day and I like your suggestion of trying one this time and two next, if one doesn't work. Thanks!!

  5. Ah, Sportsmans Warehouse...I saw you there! Our husbands are quite alike. Sounds like you found yourself a definite keeper, too :) I have no idea what you are going through, but you are such an inspiration! Just the little things that keep you going! <3!