Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/12 - 65 Months, Acupuncture and Injections @ Friend's House

I've been reading A LOT of IVF blogs lately.  I have mixed feelings about whether or not I SHOULD read them, but I'm addicted.  I'm actually finding more NEGATIVE blogs than positive.  Meaning, IVF never worked for them, or they're still in it and being REALLY negative.  I noticed that a lot of them mark their time "TTC" (Trying To Conceive) by months instead of years.  I actually kind of like that idea, because it really shows a better picture of how many cycles you TRIED REALLY REALLY HARD and got a neg.  So, I counted out my months.  Drum roll please............................ 65.  65 MONTHS!  Wow.  Believe me, I felt it every month.  The disappointment.

I'm surprised it took us so long to get to IVF.  It's just because "nothing" was wrong, so we just tried patience and all the small things first (chlomid, IUI).  Anyways, we're happy to be here now.

After work today I had my FIRST EVER ACUPUNCTURE treatment.  I have read and heard many times that it increases your chances of success with IVF... so I couldn't help it... I had to add it to my list.  The lady was really nice and has a lot of experience with IVF patients.  AND... she's walking distance from the Fertility office.  That's kind of a big deal because I live in a big city.  She said that if they transfer my eggs on a Saturday (which is the tentative plan), she will make room in her schedule to treat me RIGHT before my transfer appointment.  She said that's the best time to do it.  So she's on stand by until I find out when I'll be transferring.  :)  I bet if I had done acupuncture a month ago it would have been a lot scarier/harder but now I'm so used to needles.  Ha, one of the benefits of having to do IVF!

Then I was off to a friend's house where we met up with 3 couples for food and a basketball game (on tv).  My first time doing injections outside of our house.  I packed a cooler for the Gonal F and a bag with the other meds and stuff. 

Two of my girlfriends wanted to watch and we were fine with it.  They were sweet.  One of them said she felt weird for saying this but she felt like it was so sweet watching Corey do my injections, like "oh he loves her so much!".  :)  He does.  I can tell.
THEN MY HEART SANK.  Corey pointed out that I had packed the 300IU Gonal F pen that we had already USED!  It didn't have any medicine in it!  I was just so used to using the 900IU pen that I naturally thought we had a lot more uses left in that one.  SO... packing all the meds and doing them at a friends house so we could stay out later was pretty pointless.  We went home RIGHT AWAY... a 20 minute drive... and finished the injections with a new Gonal F pen.


  1. Ahh! Too bad you had to leave the party early. Probably if you didn't have to meet some stranger in a parking lot to buy boots - your head would have been a little clearer. :) Thanks for doing that!

  2. Im such a fan of acupuncture!! Stay positive!

  3. I really liked my acupuncturist. I couldn't afford her for long, but found it to be realaxing and it got rid of an ovarian cyst I had!

    1. Luckily, I found her with a "Groupon" an it was only $45 for 2 Sessions!!! Otherwise I might not have done it. I'm glad to hear you liked it.

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