Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/18/12 - Blood Work, HCG Recap

This morning I had blood work.  The office was packed with everyone doing their retrievals today.  Corey went with me, which was nice because he doesn't usually get to go.  They'll call me this afternoon with blood results, which I expect to be normal.  I'm a little worried that they forgot to give me instructions for Progesterone or something because as of right now, I don't plan on doing any injections tonight, which is weird to me.

LAST NIGHT WAS A LITTLE CHAOTIC.  We had to do the HCG and Lupron shots at 1:30am.  Our friends left our house at 12:30am and I thought I would take a little nap until injection time but I couldn't sleep.  I just kept thinking about that LONG needle.  The nurse said it needed to go ALL THE WAY into my love handle/hip area and you don't pinch up the skin, you actually stretch it a little before piercing.

This needle is A LOT longer than the other injections needles.  There's also a risk of hitting a sciatic nerve if it's not done in the right area.  My friend that's doing IVF right now at the same office said they drew a target on her hip for her husband to know where to do it, but they didn't do that for me!  Corey was really nervous too.  He kept questioning if I had heard the nurse right when she said it had to go all the way in (unfortunately he wasn't there for the instructions on this one so I was trying to relay everything).  He thought it would hit bone.

SO right before he injected me I said "WAIT!  Do you want to look on You Tube really quick and see how other people do it first?"  He thought that was a good idea so we found a video of a couple doing the shots and it was chaotic for them too.. AND they were watching a You Tube video of it while THEY were doing their shots!  Time was ticking and I was worried about having the exact timing we needed SO I just said LET'S DO THIS.  (By the way, my brother is watching all of this and about every two minutes he's saying "It's ok Kimmy" or "You'll be alright Kimmy" but I can tell he's freaking out a little too).  I laid on my stomach on the couch and just braced myself. 


That was the EASIEST shot so far.  Hardly any pain at the piercing point and no burning while the medicine went in.  What a lot of spazzing and shenanagans for nothing.  Corey is so good at this!  We're thinking of opening a business where couples hire him to go to their house every night and give their injections.  :)

My advice to any other IVF-ers worried about the HCG shot is... DON'T.  Don't worry about it.  You'll be fine.  :)


  1. So glad it went well. That is one narley looking needle!

  2. I remember my fist trigger shot. I freaked out over nothing too. It's normal. However looking at your picture I am starting to second guess if I used the right needle. Well I'll find out soon if it took and then we will know!

  3. My eyes were seriously THIS BIG when I saw that picture...holy guacamole!