Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12/12 - Ultrasound and Blood Test

Last night I did my injections AFTER I posted.  So, here's a recap of that:

My dad was at our house last night while I did my injections.  It was the cutest thing.  I could tell he felt bad for me and when I started whimpering during the Ganarelix shot he started waiving at me and tried to distract me - like I was 5 years old at the Dr.'s office. :)  It was adorable. :)  I love my dad.

When Corey was injecting the Menopur his grip on my skin/fat slipped and he had to grab and pinch again with the needle still in me.  It didn't feel good... but I could tell Corey felt bad.  He said he hates doing the shots because he doesn't want to hurt me.  I really didn't like the new Ganarelix shot, it burned.

After the injections my ovaries were really annoying.  Uncomfortable.  I didn't sleep well.  I keep dreaming about everything IVF.

I also forgot to tell you that Corey and I went on a walk last night.  I'll take the little bit of exercise I can get. 

So this morning was my ultrasound that the Dr wanted as a follow up to the blood work on Sat.  As soon as he walked in I asked WHY I was getting an ultrasound.  He said it's because my estrogen levels were high and I was showing to be a couple of days ahead of schedule so they wanted to check everything out.  After the untrasound he said everything looked good and I'm right on schedule as originally planned.  Then, last minute, they had me do a blood test.  I had them pull from my right arm because my left is getting jacked up.

After work I went on a walk around my office. The blossoms were fluttering off the trees and it was so peaceful. I just had to take a picture...

The IVF Coordinator called me while I was on my walk. She said my blood test looked good and to keep using the same dosages and they'd see me Wed. I asked her if the ultrasound looked like I was producing more than average, average, or less than average. She said "well... You still have a few days to produce more, so we'll have a better idea after your next couple of ultrasounds.". Which I translate to BELOW AVERAGE. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Injections went really well tonight! Ganirelex was really easy. I explained the feeling of the Menopur injection to Corey. I told him it feels like a little stab/pinch and then about 3 seconds later it feels like he's twisting the needle all under my skin until he's done. I guess that's the meds just burning as they go in. Still, it's actually not that bad. :)


  1. Hang in there! I just got caught up for the week and we are thinking of you!! When you are on bed rest I'll come over and reenact our favorite childhood memories..including..hey, where did the eyeliner go...and sure I can steer the bicycle for two..and not to forget..maybe lets walk from my house to yours today, its only 10 miles!.

    1. Hahahahaa! I was laughing so hard reading this :) It hurt my overly expanded ovaries! ;)

    2. I'll be less funny. I don't want to strain your system. I will still come over but we will only have a mediocre time together.