Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/22/12 - Progesterone In Oil Injections

After I posted on Friday night I got a call from Dr. D.  He left a voice message explaining that my ultrasound and blood work looked good and to start progesterone in oil injections Sat night (just like the nurse told me).  He also said that they will be taking my 10 embryos out of the freezer on Sunday 4/22 and he will call me with an update on Tuesday 4/24 around 6:00pm!  That seems like a long wait to hear how many survived.  I know multiple girls who's embryos didn't make it to a stage that was transferable and they didn't end up transferring any.  Soooo I'm nervous.

I can't believe transfer day is almost here!  I am very excited and very anxious to get it over with and find out if all these injections and blood draws and ultrasounds since Feb were worth it.

I started Progesterone In Oil injections last night.  Wow.  I'm really not looking forward to doing these every night until the beginning of June (if i DO get pregnant, that's how long I'll be on them).  The needle is thick and long and goes in the love handle area, alternating left and right side each night.  I lay on my stomach on the couch and try to distract myself with a movie.  It hurts going in but not too much DURING.  It just takes sooo long to get all the oil in.  Corey does it really slow because we were told that if you do it fast you can get a big ball of oil under the skin.  Yikes.  Corey wipes it up for a minute as it leaks blood and oil.  Ugh.  Then he massages the area (which the nurse said to do).  Today my right hip hurt from yesterdays injection.  It feels like a bad bruise under the skin.

Other than that I had a great weekend.  Went shopping with a friend, we met up with friends for dinner, I ran a 5k, watched the UFC fights at a friends house and we volunteered at an aid station for a 100 mile ultra marathon.

Blood work in the morning, so more updates tomorrow :). Goodnight.

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