Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 - Ultrasound and Blood Work

This morning I had blood work and an ultrasound at 7am.  They found some cysts during the u/s which the nurse sounded concerned about.  She said that if my blood work comes back with normal hormone levels there’s no worry.  But I’ve had IUI cycles cancelled due to cysts and hormone levels – so yeah, I was worried.

I got a call from Dr. D around 3pm and he said my uterus lining looked PERFECT and that I’m ready to start the Estradiol (estrogen) pills tonight.  I will be taking TWO pills THREE times a day.  Yikes!  Tonight I also have to reduce my Lupron dose from 20 units to 10… which I LOVE… because I have been very emotional and irritable on Lupron.

After I sent Corey an email explaining what Dr. D said and that the cysts are not a concern he wrote me back this email: "Yayyy!!!!!!!  Kimmy Bird, you did it!!  I’m so the proud of you!"

He's just being silly... and I love it.

Let’s get this show on the road!!!  J

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