Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12/12 - Lupron Injection - OUCH!

Last night Corey was doing the Lupron injection in my abdomen (which is my favorite injection so far because the needle is so small and the medicine doesn’t sting) with the LOWER dosage of 10 units instead of 20. 

Corey doesn’t like giving me injections because sometimes they hurt a little and he doesn’t like to hurt me.  He always tries to talk to me to distract me and then he’ll sneak in the stab… or he’ll start counting to 3, but he’ll actually stab when he gets to 2… so it’s sneaky and quick. 

WELL, last night he stabbed really fast and a little harder than usual, which was just an accident of course, but IT HURT!!  The whole area was in pain immediately and I burst into tears.  I felt like something was wrong and I started saying “Take it out!  Take it out!  Stop!”.  Poor Corey had the most concerned look on his face and he took the needle out right away.  The area started to bleed a lot as soon as he took out the needle… which isn’t normal. 

Corey was wiping up the blood and I was just sitting there crying because the area still hurt.  By the way… I’ve never cried because of pain during an injection before.  I blame my meds.  And there wasn’t a TON of blood, it was just more than usual… being that usual is 0 – 1 drops.

After a minute we decided to just try the other side.  That side only hurt a little – the normal amount. 

Corey felt sooo bad and he just hugged me while I whimpered for a minute.  The area was sore for the rest of the night and still is a little today, but I think I’ll survive ;)

Ah the joys of infertility J

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