Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/12 - Ultrasound and Blood Work

This morning Corey went with me to the Dr.'s office.  We brought everyone bagels.  I had my blood drawn and an ultrasound.  Then they showed Corey how to give a Progesterone In Oil injection and drew targets on my love handles so he knows where to do it.  And they called me in a prescription for pre-natals.

I also asked for more information about how the embryo thaw works.  They said they will thaw all 10 on Sunday and keep me updated over the next 5 days on how they're developing.  I might transfer on Thursday (4/26) OR Friday (4/27).  They CAN re-freeze any good quality embryos I don't transfer.

The nurse called this afternoon and said the ultrasound and blood work looked good and to take my last Lupron injection tonight and start the Progesterone In Oil injection tomorrow night.  I could potentially be on this injection until the beginning of June.


I have my next blood draw on Monday (4/23).