Monday, July 9, 2012

7/9/12 - STILL No Results

I'm so frustrated right now.  I just got a call from the fertility center.  They informed me that they won't have my results until TOMORROW.  I did the blood work Friday at 7:45am and I won't get a result until Tuesday!?

I feel like the office doesn't care and they don't think it's important.  It's important to me, because we've been trying to get pregnant for almost 6 years, spent $20,000 and we've had an early miscarriage before.  I got one positive test Monday but we're suppose to monitor the levels and make sure the #'s are duplicating how they're suppose to.  My meds are suppose to be adjusted according to my blood results.  UGH...  I'm just venting.  Thanks for listening.

I'll post as soon as I have an answer.

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