Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/11/12 - TWINS!!

This morning was our FIRST pregnancy ultrasound!  I was having such a hard time sleeping.  I couldn't stop thinking about the appointment.  I was just HOPING we'd see twinners in the morning :)

Clear as day - they showed us the two sacs.  Officially TWINS!!!

Here's the video when we found out:

This is a picture of the monitor:

Our next appointment is an ultrasound on 7/23. 

I continue on all my meds:
2mg of Estrace 3x/day
Pre-Natal Vitamins nightly
Progesterone In Oil Injection (1ml) at 7pm every night
Progesterone (vaginal suppository) AM and PM
1mg of Estrace nightly (vaginal suppository)
4 Vivelle Dot estrogen patches switched out every 3 days

They also mentioned that I had a blood pocket (that's the dark spot above the sacs on the monitor) and I may experience some bleeding but not to worry unless it become bright red or heavy.  (I have had spotting since yesterday).  They said to always carry 2ml of Progesterone In Oil with me so that if I start bleeding heavily I can take an injection right away - then call them.

They gave me an official due date of MARCH 9th!  That's if I go full term - 40 weeks... which is unlikely.

I am officially 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant :)

After the appointment Corey and I went to breakfast together.  The first thing he said when we sat down was "Two dependants on next year's tax return!".  Hahaha... he's such an accountant.

I have been googling non-stop since last Monday: "Preparing for Twins", "Twin belly pictures", "Twin nurseries", etc... Now I'm going to be even worse!!  I'll sit on my couch with one google search on the I-Pad and another on my I-Phone.  Technology and information overload :)

I'm sooo excited to plan this pregnancy adventure!


  1. Chris told me he'd build you bunk cribs....

  2. That is the best news ever! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!

  3. So happy for you and wish you a blessed and healthy pregnancy!!!

  4. Hooray! Congratulations I am so happy for you! Sending lots of love to you corey and the beautiful perfect little babies! :)

  5. I am so over the moon happy for you!!

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  7. Congratulations, that's wonderful! Twins are so exciting... Family of four in one shot! :) Thanks for sharing.