Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12 - 2nd Ultrasound

This morning was our 2nd ultrasound.  At first when the image showed up on the screen there was just one big black blob and the ultrasound tech said "here's you're baby" and we both immediately said "There's only one!?" then she said "NO, here's the other..." as she moved the angle of the ultrasound wand and showed us both babies.  :)  For a second there we thought we lost one.

They took a bunch of measurements and monitored the heart rates.  144 and 147.  I asked if that was normal and they said yes.

Then we saw the heart flutters :)  It's too early to hear the heart beats but we could see them on the screen!  It was so neat. 

The Dr. called this afternoon and said my blood work showed that everything looked good and I can stop the Estrace (estrogen) pills AND the Vivelle Dot (estrogen patches).  Yay!

Oh and I decided to jump on the scale this morning and much to my surprise I have lost 6lbs since getting pregnant.  No throwing up, just lots of food aversions and I can't eat as big of portions as I used to.

This is still real!!  Corey and I are loving every moment.  Anytime I tell him I feel naseous he says "GOOD Kim GOOD!".  :)


  1. So happy to hear the good news! May God Bless all FOUR of you :)

  2. It is real! It is real! Yay!