Friday, July 20, 2012

7/20/12 - Blood Work, Is This Real?

I missed the call from the nurse this afternoon.  Her voicemail said that my blood work was fine and to continue on all meds and next blood work will be Monday 7/23.  I'll also have an ultrasound that day!!!  :)

I'm in my 7th week and I have a tiny bump/bulge on my lower abdomen.  It's definitely not my normal tummy.  It's all firm.  This is cool.  :)  I know it's SUPER early, but this is the life of a twinner mommy. :)  I'm definitely not "SHOWING" by any means, but Corey and I can feel a small difference. 

It's so weird because I still sometimes feel like it's not real.  I'm sure other IVF-er moms understand.  I sometimes think... "well, I haven't started my period yet, so the Dr. MUST know what he's talking about... and there was that ultrasound that we saw... so I guess they're really in there and this is really happening"

We are SO grateful :))))

We can't wait till Monday.  I hope everything looks good.


  1. It was like that for me as a first time mommy too. IVF you are having tests and bloodwork that confirms it and obviously there's anxiety from previous lack of success but I remember I felt that exact same way when I finally got pregnant with my first baby after 5 years of trying and no success. I had a meltdown at 9 weeks determined that I couldn't possibly really be pregnant and which point I forced my hubby to go buy 5 different kinds of pregnancy tests so we could test again because I was convinced that my early test was so faint it couldn't have been real. Eventually it sunk in that it was real but there were definitely the surreal moments through out. This is so exciting! :)

  2. Yes, I am 16 weeks and I still can't believe I am pregnant. It will feel like that for a while. Just enjoy it whenever you can. Wishing you all the best.