Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12 - HAPPY HAPPY!!

What a great day!

I'm sooo happy, for TWO reasons:

1st:  My blood work looked good today and they're having me STOP the progesterone in oil injections! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  (They're also having me decrease my estrace patches to 2, switched out every 3 days instead of 4 switched out every 3 days.)

2nd:  I'm SICK!!!!  I'm sooo happy to FINALLY have morning sickness!! :)  I remember hearing women complain about their morning sickness to me or reading it on their infertility blog and I always thought "Really!?  I would LOVE to have morning sickness!  That means you have a baby on the way!"  :)  I've just always felt that an infertility blog was no place to complain about that kind of thing.  SO YAY!!!  I'M SICK!!

Anyways, they also said to come in on the 20th (Friday) for more blood work and then my next ultrasound is the 23rd (Monday).  I think we'll hear the heartbeats that day!

BTW, I've decided to keep this blog updated while I'm still being seen by the fertility center - before they transfer me to my regular OBGYN.  I just want to keep everyone updated on what to expect from the fertility/IVF experience if it's something they're going to do or are currently going through.  I don't want to turn "My In Vitro Blog" into a Pregnancy blog or Toddler blog.  I have a family blog for that.  I will just update it with major milestones or if there are any IVF related issues.


  1. Do you update your family blog? Maybe I'm not following that one. I'll have to check it out cause I definitely want to keep getting updates.