Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/12/12 - High Beta Numbers

I got a call from the nurse today with my blood results from yesterday. She said everything looks good and to stay on all meds, only stopping Estrace suppositories on Monday the 16th. They want me back for more blood work on Wednesday the 18th with next ultrasound still on Monday the 23rd.

I asked her what my HCG level was today and she said 38,847! For everyone in IVF land that's 20dp5dt.That's REALLY high!

I had consulted the google and wrote down what my level MIGHT be on day 20 based off of what other girls had. The number was 13,000 (and that's for twins). Mine was 38,847!

Here are my numbers so far:
11dp5dt 762
15dp5dt 5,127
20dp5dt 38,847

Average numbers for twins according to
11dp5dt 401
15dp5dt 1,691
20dp5dt 8,938

I've been pretty concerned about the numbers being so high. I've read that it can be a sign of molar pregnancy or down syndrome. I mean, it's HIGHLY unlikely that there's a secret triplet in there.

Then I came across this comment on a message board, which helped me chillax. "My doctor told me that with those high numbers he suspected a twin pregnancy and a healthy one". I'm going to go with that scenario.


  1. I think you should go with that scenario too! Only positive thoughts!

  2. Your positive perspective is the one of the main reasons I follow this blog. Reading your story makes me hopeful that it will work for me too. I've always been so nervous about IVF, but now I feel like its not such a foreign thing. I think when you go through all of the emotions of trying to get pregnant for so long with so much disappointment, you look at all the possibilities to prepare yourself. I think you're doing the best thing staying positive.

  3. What amazing news. This is such a blessing. I wish you a long and healthy/uneventful pregnancy. Thank you for sharing the ultrasound with us. Congrats!

  4. Congrats on your continued healthy pregnancy! I think this is one of those situations where too much information isn't always a good thing. Go with the positive flow (as you always seem to do...) and try not to compare too much with others. This is your twin pregnancy and it is unique and beautiful--as hard as it is not to, try not to worry until given a true reason to. There's enough to worry about out there! :)