Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/24/12 - Retrieval and "Scare"

I got up at 5am and we were at the fertility center at 6:15am.  They gave me my little hospital bracelet and took me straight back.  I changed into the special hospital outfit with the open gown in the back, the hair cap and booties - so cute.  ;)

The nurse had a hard time finding a good vein for the iv.  It was weird because I usually have easy veins. 

The anesthesiologist sat with me for a while and asked me a bunch of medical history questions.  She asked me how anxious I was feeling on a scale from 1 to 10.  I told her 1 and that last time I felt like I was a 0.  She was suprised by the low numbers and happy I was so relaxed :)

Then she walked me into the operating room with the iv stand and baggie in tow and she filled my iv with some lovely medicine and I don't remember anything else.  (Corey told me to TRY to remember - haha, like if I think hard enough I could remember the procedure).

I woke up in the recovery room and the nurse was checking my pulse and monitoring my vital when I started to feel like maybe I was involuntarily peeing my pants.  I could feel a lot of cold wetness... so I told the nurse that I thought maybe I was bleeding.  She lifted the blanket and took a peek and things got chaotic from there.  She immediately got the Dr and he took a peek and all these nurses were around me right away and they quickly wheeled me right into the operating room again.  I could hear them say words like "a lot of blood", "cotorize", and "clamp off".  (I was still very groggy).  The Dr placed the speculum and starting working and it hurt a lot.  The anesthesioligist was figiting with my iv and I remember saying "please knock me out".  She put a syringe in the iv and I was out.

When I woke up AGAIN in the recovery room the Dr came in and said "You gave us quite a scare".  He said they had to clamp off something (again, I was very groggy).  Maybe it was because I was knocked out twice but I defintely felt a lot more groggy this time than last.  The nurse told me to call if I started bleeding a lot again but that everything should be fine.  She also said that if I didn't feel well tomorrow that they'll write me a work note to stay home - but I had last week off for vacation so I need to work, so I'm definitely going in tomorrow, I'll just take it easy and sit in my office all day.

She walked me out and asked my brother to help me to the car.  He ended up having to wait 2 hours past my planned pick up time because of the "scare".

We picked up my prescription for Doxycicline (antibiotic) on the way home and I took a LONG nap. 

I feel so tired still.  I'll just relax the rest of the day and I'll be going to work tomorrow.

I go in for blood work in 2 days (Saturday morning) and I'm suppose to start my cycle in 10-12 days and call them.  I think that's when I start Lupron injections then progesterone to get prepped for transfer.Oh AND they got 30 eggs!!! Hopefully this batch is a better quality :). Dr D will call me tomorrow night with a fertilization report so we know how many sperms hooked up with eggs and made embryos.


  1. That's scary Kim! Hope your recovery goes well, and like Mary said, you truly are inspiring. I look up to you so much, and think you are such a strong and amazing woman. Love you, Jessica

  2. Dang girl! Aren't you grateful for doctors and nurses that act quickly and know what they are doing!? Glad you are recovering!_Mary

  3. Wow, that is the scariest retrieval I've ever heard of! How awesome that your team acted so quickly and knocked you out, pronto. Those IV drugs are fantastic. Glad you're recovering and I hope this is the only scary part of this cycle!