Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/12 - IVF #2

Last night I had my follow up consult with Dr. D.  Corey couldn't make it so I went alone.  At first when he started showing me pictures of my bad embryos and what good quality embryos should look like I started tearing up and he kept checking if I was ok.  Here's the recap:

He said my uterus looked perfect.

He said my hormone levels were always good.

He said my body was absorbing all the meds very well.

He said I'm the PERFECT PATIENT :)  Because I follow everything they tell me and I take great notes and I'm very attentive.

My embryos just aren't developing how they should.  It could be an egg quality issue but it's not an OBVIOUS egg problem.

He said it's just a statistical issue.  He wants to increase my QUANTITY with round 2 so we can have a better chance of getting at least one good quality embryo.

Dr. D spent a good 40 minutes with me and I could tell that he really cared and he really know my chart inside and out.  He remembered how my ultrasounds looked, he remembered my treatments from last year.  It was so nice to visit with him and ask him ALL the questions I could think of.

This round he's having me take Coenzyme Q-10 vitamins and he's increasing my Gonal F in order to increase my egg quantity.

I felt SO GOOD by the time I left.  I just felt so good about the Dr. being commited to getting me to a healthy delivery. 

TODAY I went in for baseline ultrasound and bloodwork because I started my period yesterday and I'm going to California tomorrow morning.  I met with the IVF Coordinator and she gave me my apopintment schedule and we reviewed my current med inventory so we only order what's necessary.  They're shipping my meds to the condo in California that we're staying at, and I'll pick them up tomorrow when we check in.  We'll be doing injections every night while we're there, even at Disneyland.  I'll go to a Quest Lab in CA on Tuesday for blood work and then an ultrasound and blood work at Dr. D's when we get back on Sunday next week.  Egg retrieval scheduled for May 24th.

IVF #2 payment is made.  Here we go again...


  1. I am glad you are trying again. You have fun in Cali. What is your doctors name? I have a friend with an egg quality issue and her doctor suggested IVF. She was wondering who you see.

    1. Dr. Daneshmand at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

  2. It sounds like you have a good plan. I'm so sorry IVF #1 wasn't the One, but the nice thing about IVF is they really can fine-tune everything for the next time, which is hopefully the final time! I also have perfect levels in terms of egg quality but issues with the embryos, and I started taking CoQ10 and it definitely made a difference in quality. Or something did, I like to think it's in part the CoQ10... :) It sounds like you have an awesome doctor--anyone who answers all your questions and goes through your chart and really, really listens is worth their weight in gold. Have a good trip and good luck with your new protocol!

  3. Oh gosh, good luck! I am so glad you have a game plan with youe Dr. It sounds like he knows his stuff. Have a good time on your trip and pamper yourself when you can.