Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 - Pre-Op Exam and Cool Experience

This morning I had blood work and pre-op exam.  They took me back for blood draw and when I went back into the lobby to wait for the pre-op I saw my junior prom date there with his wife!  I went over and said hi and we talked for a while about the wonderful Dr and about the fertility tx process.  They're doing IUI now so it was good for me to be able to share a little bit with them about my experiences.

Then they called me back for the pre-op which is basically just weighing me, taking my blood pressure and listening to my lung... and a lot of paperwork - medical history and stuff for the anesthesiologist tomorrow.  I was actually happy about my weight today.  I feel so bloated and I know I have gained weight throughout this process but I was surprisingly happy with the number today :)

When I walked out in the lobby a man was looking at me like he knew me and he got up to shake my hand.  I was very confused, then he asked if I was Kim.  I said yes and he said "Kim the blogger?"... I realized he must know about my blog somehow.  Then he explained that his wife had found my blog and has been following it and loves to read my posts.  He must have recognized me from my pictures and heard my name when they called me back for the exam.  He said they are a few days behind me in the cycle - which is pretty neat.  I was SO happy he said hello and I'm so glad that others that are going through IVF are enjoying my blog and getting something out of it.  I'm surprised that someone from my very own clinic found the blog.  It's pretty cool :)  So if you're reading this Tammy... HELLO and good luck!! :)

We're going out to dinner now with friends then we're going to try to get a good night sleep because we have to be at the clinic at 6:15AM!  :)  I hope everything goes well and they get oodles and oodles of eggs! 

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  1. How exciting and what a small world! You inspire me Kim and I always get something out of your blog too;) Best of luck Thursday!- MARY