Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/5/12 - Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy, But Here's My Needle, Inject Me Maybe?

I had an interesting experience a couple of nights ago. I was on my way up to Utah to visit my family and my alarm went off reminding me to take progesterone pill.

Whoops! I forgot the pills at home! I texted a nurse from the fertility center and explained that I could have my brother bring up the pills in a couple days when he comes. I told her I had an emergency needle with 2mL of progesterone in oil (which I was told to always carry with me in case I start bleeding). She suggested that I use 1mL that night and 1mL the next. My husband didn't go to Utah with me and the only people in town were my younger sisters that I just didn't feel comfortable with them doing the injection. So... I called my mom and she called a lady in town that goes to church with her, she's a nurse and agreed to do my injections each night. So I went over to her house and she did my injection while I laid on her bed :). Weird, but I was so grateful that she was willing to do it.

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