Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/2/12 - Blood Work

I had blood work yesterday morning.  They called and said to continue on one progesterone pill per day until Tuesday next week, then come on Thursday (8/9) for my last blood work and ultrasound before being transferred to the OBGYN.  Unfortunately Corey will be working in CHINA for the next couple of weeks so he will miss the last fertility center appointment AND the first OBGYN appointment.

I have been feeling very tired.  Especially at night.  I get home from work and I don't want to do ANYTHING.  :)

My tummy has a very small bump but isn't getting too crazy.  I have lost weight in all other areas.  I can't believe that I will probably have these babies in about 6 months!!  That's crazy!

We're so happy and grateful for each day that we can countdown with NO complications.  Please continue to pray that these little ones will be STRONG and HEALTHY.  :)


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  1. hey kim. just got all caught up on your blog! im so very excited for you and corey!! :o) i was very tired when i was pregnant, also. i would come home from work, promptly fall asleep. wake up for dinner. and watch tele for a minute, and fall back asleep. haha! i slept a lot those months :o) sending good thoughts and prayers your way!