Saturday, June 30, 2012

6/30/12 - Dinner To Go and NERVES

Tonight Corey and I took my brother to Petland to see a pug puppy that we've been looking at. We've pretty much decided that if Monday we find out we're NOT pregnant, we'll go buy the pug :)

Then we went to dinner at Grimaldi's. We ordered our food and got our appetizer... Then my ALARM on my phone went off reminding me to do my Progesterone in Oil shot! Whoops! We forgot about the 7pm shot we do EVERY night. So... We let the waitress know we needed it To Go and we headed out for the 20 minute drive home. :)

I've been feeling very nervous lately and I can't stop thinking about the test in 2 days! I haven't felt anything close to a symptom... Which I know is probably normal because I would only be about 3 1/2 weeks pregnant. But your mind just goes through these things and analyzes everything.

I also keep thinking about the scenario of if I AM pregnant. I feel like it will be hard to really celebrate until I'm through my first trimester. I'm just so worried about early miscarriage. I will be happy of course but just very nervous.

I wish I wasn't working Monday. It will be hard to think about anything else, PLUS they'll be calling me with the results when I've still got a couple more hours on the clock. I know that last time I had an emotional meltdown... So that gets awkward at the office ;)

Hopefully everything goes well. Thank you for all the positive messages and prayers!!

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