Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16/12 - First POI Injection of Round 2

I had such a great day! I got up and went running then laid out at the pool with my friend and had a lovely poolside lunch at The Sand Bar. Then I picked up my nephew and I took him to the Circus! The legit Ringling Brothers Circus! Corey met us there. Corey and I loved spoiling him for the day.

Then... We did a Progesterone In Oil shot. It really wasn't too bad!! Hopefully they're all like this :)

Corey was sure to spend a good amount of time massaging the area to get the oil to distribute well and we used a heat pad. We're going to stay on top of it this round and not let any pumps build up under the skin :)

They took my embryos out of the freezer today and we'll get an update from the dr tomorrow. I hope all is well.

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