Monday, June 18, 2012

6/18/12 - Thaw Confusion

SORRY!  I was totally confused about my thaw.  I guess the embryos were thawed YESTERDAY and I don't get my first update from the Dr. until TOMORROW afternoon/evening.  Boo.  I don't know why I thought it would be sooner.  O'well.

I had blood work done this morning and the nurse just called me and said everything looks good and to continue on all the same medications... 2 estace pills 3x/day, 1 estrace pill (vaginal suppository) at night, 2 vivelle estrogen patches switched out every 3 days, pre-natal pill nightly and 2cc of Progesterone In Oil (injection) at 7:00pm nightly.

I think my next appointment is the TRANSFER on Thursday!  Hot diggity dog!!!

A friend of mine at work (a drug and alcohol rehab) is a Life Coach and she is the most POSITIVE and encouraging little cheerleader EVER.  She came into my office this morning and said "This is the week!!!".  She pulled me into her office (with another co-worker/close friend) and she lit some candles and turned off the lights and had us all hold hands while she said a prayer type blessing/encouraging words/positive energy thingy... it was actually really neat and very sweet of her.  She told me to wake up on Thursday morning and visualize the embryo attaching to my uterine wall and to only put positive energy out into the world :)

I suppose I will :)  It couldn't hurt :)

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